Vampire desire part 4

Okay thank you for your support and sorry I took so long and a very, very special thanks to violalover and _celloplayer_ and to thank you I have a special surprise for both of you in the end! And violalover please tell me what you look like in the comments okay and you will understand better later on.

So in order for me to make part five, i need atleast and 8 for my rating and 6 comments okay so comment and rate oh and i need to say this..."VAMPIRES FOR EVER!!!" okay bye and please enjoy. oh and the first person to comment will get the same surprise a violalover and _celloplayer_!

Created by: glitter

  2. YOU ARE FALLING, you have been falling for 15 minutes, you are so ready to die and you have prepared a speech for heaven or hell. you finnally land in a guys arms.You look up to see a boy with black hair that covers his blue eyes with green pupils.
  3. You realise his scarlet red lips are moving!!! "Hello Jec, havn't seen you in a while." he says smiling, he has a british accent, adorbz smile and diples, your weeknesses.
  4. "how do you know me?" you ask quizzically. "well my brother Alex and I have been watching since you were born...and we think you are hot!" he says blushing. "what is your name and Alex never told me he had a brother, i don't get this." you say still shocked by his HOTNESS. "Well, my name is Damon and yes he is my brother but we are very different." "different, how?" you ask confused,. "well, i am a dark vampire, but i don't want to be one, i am a dark vampire because you mother Azulia banished me here to the remorse world.
  5. "but they said that my mother is the woman that raised me and that azulia is the queen of all mythical creatures and that she isn't allowed to have chilren." you say confused. "uh..really, what other lies have they told you?" he asks his dreamy eyes lookin suspicious. "how could they lie to me?" you say feeling out raged. "Jecrina you are the most wanted girl right now, firstly because you are hot..and powerful and who ever marries you will be you prince though it does take one bite."
  6. You cry and cry because you were so confused so you cried while damon comforted you, in hisn arms you felt safe.Damon had to hide you in his room because Dioreah the queen darks vampires would kill, you if she found that you were on her grounds. Finally you stoped criying "can i go now?" You say throgh sobs. "Yeah sure" says damon letting you go. You just stand there confused not sure where to go. "uh...which way do I go?" you say "oh there is no way out unless you have wings."
  7. "no way out?" you scream. "well I could get you out of here" he syays michevoiusly. "how?" you say with a glint of hope in you eye, this make damon blush and luagh "with a kiss." he says still flashing his dimples. "a kiss?" "yeah, when you kiss a dark vampire, you get to have a wish but in order for this wish to come true, it has to be a real maeningful wish." "well i dont mid kissing you, because you are all hot and stuff." you say by accident, you didnt wanna tell him you thought he was hot!!!!
  8. You catch him off gaurd and kiss him it is the 5th best quiz you had ever had, his minty scent and deo smelled and tasted soooo good. Finally you pull away. "wow that was a um surprise." he says still looking dizzy for the kiss. he sits dow on his bed and stares in to space. "my wish?" you say you still swept away by his scarlet lips. "yeah sure." he says he clicks hi fingers and you are back in the room you were before.
  9. You turn around to find Damon standing behind you like you had wished. "RUN Jecrina run!" yell panickally, behind him are the guys. You all run and run and run and run.
  10. You guys are running but there is no way you can keep up with vampires so drake picks you up in a blink and crarries you while running. Then you walk into a forest
  11. "Where are we?" you ask. "I don't know we were forced to run this way." Damon answers your question. Then suddenly two figures fall from a big tree. They look like girls and the guys all position themselves infront of you to protect you from who ever they were.
  12. "Wait, Jecrina tell them not to hurt us we are your proctector and you mother has sent me and my sister to help you." says one of them they come closer, the girl looks a lot like you, the same pale blue eyes the same blonde hair but her hair wasn't exacly honey like your and it was lighter, her eyes had a gold streak but only if you got really close you see. The other one had bleached blonde hair that was about six inches shorter than her sister, her eyes were a deeper blue than her sister and they were both pale, they were so pretty, you were a little bit jelouse.
  13. "Who are you?" you ask a tiny bit frightened. "Well, we dont have real name because your mother created us so I am viola-lover but you can call me viola for short and my sister here is _celloplayer_ but you can call her cello for short okay?" says the bleached blonde girl says.Then suddenly there is a bolt of lightning.
  14. Who ever you like holds you tightly to his hot muscular chest.The a woman appears, she is a red head and seems to have hazel eyes but you aren't sure yet. "Well well, well, who do we have here?" she asks smiling an evil smile. Everyone is protecting you even cello and viola exept for the guy you like who is holding you tightly. "Veronica!!!" Says drake looking horrified, you realised two things, first, this woman was an evil spirit and secomd, something very bad was going to happen.
  15. Okay people please comment good and rate good so that I can make part five. and if you are celloplayer or violalover then are you happy i made you one of my special characters?

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