Somebody Special Part 14

Hi! So thanks for choosing to take Part 14 of Somebody Special! Yeah, I've realized the names I have for these quizzes don't come in contact with the story whatsoever. lol. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Taylor looks similar to Nick Santino,He has dimples, brown hair, he's tall and skinny, and he likes reading and drawing. Jerimiah is your best friend in the story. He has amazing skin, glasses that look adorable on him, and black flippy hair. He's hilarious and is an amazing singer. Dakota tends to wear his nerd glasses everywhere. He has brownish/black hair and has perfect teeth. Even if he doesn't look like it, he's really smart. & not to mention he's cute! Elijah is more of the athletic type. He has piercing blue eyes and brown hair, along with an irresistable charm. Jay is more of the musical type. He can play guitar and has black hair with some blonde highlights. He has dimples aswell and beautiful eyes. Matt is a new character with tan skin, brown hair, and forrest green eyes

Created by: dannicuhh :3
  1. "______, what's wrong?!" I heard Jerimiah say as I slouched down into fetal position against a hot dog stand, covering my ears as if a banshee was screaming it's head off. But the truth is, it was just happening to me. I started crying while the hot dog stand man told me to get off of his cart. Nobody heard what I heard, and I was afraid that I'd have nightmares of it. Bentley's voice gently whispering over the crowds of voice. "Help me." is what he said. Ever since Mr. Greens said thst Bentley sent the car, I assumed he was okay. I mean, if you were being held against your will or dying at the moment, when would you feel the need to rent a car out for people that you've only met twice in a life time? It was truly a mystery, actually. I felt myself being lifted off the ground and carried throughout the carnival, probably to the parking lot to calm me down. Then everything mellowed out. I could no longer hear the painful thoughts of people and my breathing slowed down. I slowly removed by hands from my ears and opened my eyes only to find Jay, Taylor, and Jerimiah staring at me with worried expressions. "What happened back there?" asked Jay. "I don't know. What did you see?" I retorted. Jay looked at Jerimiah and Taylor hesitantly before telling me. "You were screaming Bentley, Ashley, Trixia, and Daniel's name. You kept telling us to stop that ringing, when we didn't hear anything of the looked like you were in a nightmare fighting to get out."
  2. My hands were covered with red splotches. "Were my ears bleeding or something?" I asked them. "No, you just got some ketchup on you while you were leaning against the hot dog stand." Taylor explained. I felt like myself now. I was a bit drained and my throat felt dry from all the screaming, but my mind was in the right place. "We have to find Bentley. He's our number one priority now. Snuggles and Wall-E can handle themselves, and I have a feeling Bentley needs us. He's alone some place, I can sense him. The three of them looked at me like I was completely mental, but I knew they believed me. I just made sure they didn't tell anyone about my little fit until tomorrow since I didn't want to ruin Valentine's birthday or Matt and Scarlett's delightful evening full of romance. "Can we just have some fun? A normal night of fun without any of this secret agency crap?" I said out loud. "This can wait until tomorrow. Honestly, I feel fine. Let's have some fun and stuff our faces with churros." I grabbed one of the boy's wrists and guided them along to the petting zoo. This was going to be a worry free night. That was a lie, but I wanted to be happy for Valentine and Elijah. It's not like they were getting married or anything, but it was also for me. I want to stop stressing over the things that a normal teenager wouldn't be stressing over about like an M.I.A Bentley, a kidnapped cat and robot, and this crazy lunatic ex boyfriend named Cameron.
  3. If I were back home then all I'd be worrying about was gaining weight since it was supposedly summer vacation. "Weren't you supposed to visit your dad in San Francisco?" I asked Taylor while petting a goat. "Yeah I was, but you know." I felt bad. His dad was cancer cured and that's a really special thing to celebrate about but Taylor gets sucked into this wild scavenger hunt. I washed my hands and turned to the guys. They didn't seem to be having as much 'fun' as I was. "What's wrong??" I asked them trying to sound as cheerful as I could be. "You shouldn't force yourself to act like this if you don't want to. If you want we can go back to the hotel and then just come back for the rest of the group. We honestly don't mind." Jerimiah said to me. "And how do you know I'm not forcing myself?" I inquired. "Because we've been best friends for who knows how many years." He always uses that response because he knows I can't counter it. And come to think of it, my head started to hurt. And then we left. Jay went to go tell ELijah though so that they didn't think we ditched them. Mr. Greens dropped us off back at the hotel and then went back to the festival.
  4. "Can you carry me?" I asked one of the guys as I was too tired and lazy to even walk. "Here, you can have a piggy back ride." Jay said, now carrying me on his back. I love getting piggy back rides; it brings me back to my childhood. Sooner or later, I was passed out on my bed like Sleeping Beauty except I was like half sleeping and half awake because I could still sense what was going on around me, like when Dakota burst through the door, ditching Emma at the festival because he was worried about me. I bet Emma's really ticked off at me now. Oh well. I also remember being kissed on the forehead multiple times by Taylor. Jay came in about 3 times and sat on the edge of my bed watching me through troubled eyes. But it was Jerimiah I remembered the most. I recall I was screaming out Bentley's name again and then he layed there in bed with me. He put his arms around me and I stopped screaming and went back to sleep. I remember feeling his breath hot against my neck as he too was sleeping. His arms gave me comfort, and I completely dozed off. It's not like I see Jerimiah only as a friend because I don't. It's just that we've tried this once and it didn't work out. But who knows, maybe we'll try again and it'll be different. But for now, I just want all of this to be over so I can go back to living my non existant life.
  5. I woke up the next morning and saw that it was 4:54 A.M. Jerimiah's arms were still around me, holding me tight. Then I had to go pee. Yeah, I just ruined it there but what do you want me to do? I slowly got up from the bed, trying not to wake up Jerimiah. Successful, I tip-toed to the bathroom and opened the door. I didn't go pee though. Because there on the mirror, neatly printed in red, were the words that read, "hide and seek".
  6. Scared, I ran out of the bathroom and grabbed Jerimiah's iPhone which was propped on his bed side table. (RIP Steve Jobs) I ran back to the bathroom and took a picture of the words on the mirror for prood just in case it just decided to disappear when I went to show somebody. You know, like how it is in the movies. I clutched the phone in my hand and lay back down in bed burying myself under the blanket and putting Jerimiah's arms back around me that made me feel so safe. He started stirring in bed and I hoped I didn't wake him. "You're shaking. Is everything okay?" Jerimiah whispered, stroking my hands. "Yeah, I'm fine." One of the biggest lies ever told in this whole universe. "Yeah, I'm fine." It was never true when anybody said it. "No, you're not. Tell me." There you have it. Jerimiah was officially the cheese to my mac. The cream to my oreo. And his sleepy voice was the sexiest thing I've ever heard, oh my goodness. So I told him. I showed the mirror, which the message was mysteriously erased, but then I showed him the picture on his phone. He stared at it, trying to figure out what to say.
  7. "What do you think it means?" He asked. "I have no idea." I told him. One part of my brain told me it was Bentley trying to send me another message, but another part told me it was some sort of twisted message telling me to watch my back. "We'll talk about it with the others in the morning. But for now, get some sleep." Jerimiah said. "Sleep? I just had a fckn tantrum and embarassed myself in public and then a bloody message gets thrown at me and you want me to sleep?!" I told him, raising my voice but not enough to awaken the others. I was shaking again. Jerimiah held on tight to my wrists and pressed his forehead against mine. "I'm worried about you. I feel like you're sleeping through my fingers. Like we're not as close as we used to be." He whispered. "I'm not. I'm the same person I was before." I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and opened them again just to see Jerimiah leaning into kiss me.
  8. I didn't fight it. I actually kissed him back, despite the morning breath we probably both had. My stomach filled with butterflies after we pulled away. He smiled, kissed my forehead, and said, "Now go back to sleep." He put his arms back around me and kissed my shoulder as I slowly dazed off. I woke up again but this time I felt revived. Jerimiah wasn't laying beside me anymore and I assumed that he woke up earlier than me considering it was almost 11 a.m. I could hear the bustle outside in the main room as I slowly rose to my feet. I checked myself in the mirror, fixed my hair, and brushed my teeth. My mind instantly flashed back to the bloody words written across the glass but I immediately blocked it out. I slipped into the main room and saw Jay and Dakota making some breakfast while the rest of the group chilled on the couch. The aroma of waffles and eggs fillde my nostrils with rainbow deliciousness. "Oh hi _____! How are you?" Asked Valentine, sitting me down on the couch next to Emma whom tried smiling at me. I guess she felt bad. "I'm fine really." Jerimiah glanced at me and I knew that he told them everything since the iPhone was on the coffee table. "Alright guys, let's eat!" announced Dakota. We sat quietly around the table and ate peacefully yet awkwardly. Scarlett didn't eat much and I wondered why. Then I realized that after all the time she's been around we still haven't asked her about the clue. But I guess that could wait later as her and Matt were busy flirting together. I devoured the waffles and the nicely seasoned eggs and put my plate in the sink. I was eager to see what the others felt about what happened to me last night. I actually forgotten that there was supposedly a traitor amongst us. It's actually non existent at the moment because I can't think of anybody that would be a threat. My main suspect was Matt but now he's off in Lala Land with Scarlett. I waited until everyone was done eating before I asked, "Do you guys know?" Everyone nodded. "Even about the mirror message?" More nodds. "So what do you think of it? Like what do you think it means?"
  9. Then Scarlett spoke up. "Well, it's hide and seek. Who's hiding? Bentley, Snuggles, Wall-E, and the clue. All of you are the seekers. And I don't know about you guys, but when I play hide and seek there's always a base or a place where the seeker can't get at you. So where's a safe place that Bentley, Snuggles, or Wall-E could go?" I was confused. "Wait, but why would they want to hide from us?" Then Scarlett smiled. "Because you guys aren't the only ones playing seeker. It all made sense to me now. Bentley, Snuggles, and Wall-E were in pursuit and it was our job before the enemy finds them. But the question is, who is the real enemy? To be honest, Cameron doesn't seem that much of a threat to me. "And um, I'm not supposed to tell you guys this but you have a time limit. And right now you're 4 days over. Those hooded figures back in your tiki huts were from the agency as some sort of threat." Scarlett explained looking around as if there were cameras watching her every move. "So what? Was that the clue?" Valentine asked. "No, I think the clue is in this room." Emma said. "How do you know?" I asked her. "The message Snuggles and Wall-E left us at the huts said to look in this room for the clue. How specific could they get? We better get out of here before the agency sends us another death threat." So then all of us started searching the room for the clue.
  10. I was looking in the drawers when I heard Elijah say, "You guys, over here!" I ran to the spot Eli was as he took out from under the bed a weird looking box. On top of it was a note that said, "Beware of thou' that opens this case as he will encounter it's hideous face. Only the chosen will get it to open, but bear in mind that your bones will get broken." So basically one of us has to die. "Any volunteers?" Elijah asked the group of solemn faces. And to my surprise, Scarlett is the one that steps forward. "Scarlett, what are you doing?!" Asked Matt who grasped her hand not wanting to let go. "Matt, I have to do this. Before we met, I was treated like a slave. Didn't you see how they treated me like a piece of furniture with that contract that said if any damage was done to me there would be a fine? My life was limited with no friends and little food. I can't go back to that Matt. Now after I've met all of you wonderful people. Please understand that I have to do this not only for me, but for you." Matt's eyes were tearing up and he pulled Scarlett into one last meaningful kiss. She let go of his hand and with one last wave and one big breath opened the box and was shredded to pieces as a monster came out. The sad part was that there was a sort of magical field that restricted anyone to come in and help her. Matt buried his face in his shirt trying not to cry but the bloodcurling scream from Scarlett was hard to ignore. Then Scarlett and the monster both turned to dust. I walked over to the box and saw a wedding ring sitting on a cushion of velvet. Was this the clue? A wedding ring?? I searched around the box trying to see if I missed something and saw something engraved on the wood. "Look for the one that owns the ring and soon you'll watch the dying bird sing." I read aloud. So now I guess a bird was going to die. It makes me feel queasy inside because Scarlett's personality was like a bird. Chirping happily flying around all bubbly. "Alright guys, then I guess we're off to wherever this ring takes us." Elijah said as he touched his finger to the ring.
  11. Everyone joined in and we soon evaporated. We haven't evaporated in a so long that I felt really dizzy like the first time we did it to go to the burning towers of 9/11 (RIP) I landed on my feet surprisingly and looked around at my new surroundings. We were officially checked in at the Mother Nature Resort which consisted of poisonous bugs, inedible plants, murky water, and possible dangerous animals that want to eat us. Yes, we were no longer in fancy hotels or pristine victorian mansions; we were in the middle of a tropical jungle.

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