What Special Howrse are you?

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There are all kinds of players on howrse; the funny, trouble-making kind, the kind who are in it to win it (meaning that they breed elite horses, run a well-known EC, win a lot of competitions, and are popular), and the smart and serious kind, who just try to enjoy the game on their own (basically they breed horses themselves, they own an ok EC, they follow the rules, and are content with not being popular). but no matter what kind group they fit into, i believe its safe to say that all of howrse's players are having fun (thanks to the funny guys out there!) its similar in special howrses too. yes, all of the special howrses are, well, special. but you have to admit that they are quite different from each other, whether it be in looks or uses. but, like us players, they are all awesome!

What special howrse are YOU like? are you smart like archimedes? competitive like the falabellas? or the game clown like the harlequins? here's your chance to find out! i hope you are satisfied with the results. but even if youre not, remember that all of howrse's special horses are a prized and special part of the game, and being compared to one is an honor.

Created by: julie

  1. What do you like to do in your free time?
  2. Whats your fave subject in school?
  3. What is your fave kind of special howrse?
  4. Have you ever won an award of some kind? What kind of an award was it? What did you get it for?
  5. Why did you join howrse?
  6. What is your ultimate goal on howrse?
  7. What is your weakness? What character, physiological, or physical flaw do you have that really stands out?
  8. If you were a type of equine, what equine would you be?
  9. What is your dream occupation/job? (if you have a job but its not your dream job, then pick your dream job. if your dream job is not listed here, pick "my dream job was not listed" and go to question 12.)
  10. What is your dream occupation/job? if youre already doing what you wanted, then pick the catagorey its in. (if you picked an answer other than "my dream job wasnt listed" on question 11, then do not choose another occupation!)
  11. And finally, do you belive these quizzes are true?

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Quiz topic: What Special Howrse am I?