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  • Harlequin

    resultthe harlequin is a horse that appeared with the howrse carnival in march 2010. this horse does nothing really, but his coat is bright and he is an exceptional competitor... kind of like you! you might not be a big fan of working (who is? :p), but that doesnt mean your useless. you can brighten a room with both your outrageously odd style and your charming humor (which not many people seem to have). you have the "keep thinking positive" attitude about you, and if you embarrass yourself, well, you just laugh it off and turn it into a funny memory. yep, your three biggest trademarks are your colorful clothes, your humor, (whether it be making jokes, pulling pranks, or just acting silly) and your positive personality. you are truly a creative person! who wouldn't want to be friends with you! duh exactly like me

  • Harlequin,I am very unique and imaginative alot. I try to stay positive and can have a good sense of humor too. I'd like to have a indifferent pelt like they do to. Cool quiz mate.

  • im not a horse anyway

    forever hope
  • Intresting facts.

  • im harlaquin


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