Social Anxiety Test!

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This test will determine if you have Social Anxiety or not! (Remember! This quiz is for entertainment only and is not true. Check in with a counselor if needed.)


Created by: DandelionPatch
  1. Meeting someone new for the first time
  2. Public speaking
  3. Making eye contact with someone you just met
  4. Being tested or assessed, particularly when you know people will likely know or be able to find out the result
  5. Using a public restroom where others might see you
  6. Being the focus of attention, or the person everyone is listening to
  7. Speaking to a teacher, manager, or someone in authority
  8. Expressing a difference of opinion with someone you just met
  9. Speaking to someone you don't know on the phone
  10. Taking unwanted purchases back to the store
  11. Situations where someone might try to sell you something
  12. Speaking in person with someone new
  13. Making calls in public or where other people can hear you
  14. Raise a point or ask a question in a work meeting or in class
  15. Socializing with others where alcohol is present
  16. Writing or typing while others are watching you
  17. Shared meals in a gathering or group
  18. Being the last to walk into a room, or entering a room after a meeting has started
  19. Joining in team or group activities
  20. Appearing in a play or musical performance
  21. Meeting new people that you might want to date
  22. Completing tasks where others are watching you
  23. Arranging gatherings with friends or family
  24. Attending gatherings with friends or family
  25. [LAST QUESTION] Do you want your results now? (This does not affect your answer)

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