Are you an NPC in school?

This test was created to see if you are an NPC, side character, or main character at school. DONT LIE ir your results will not be true. NPC’s just know in some cases that half of the grade doesn’t know you exist.

This is designed to test your social life, and includes some social situations that really express how main character - or npc like you are. This test was not made with the purpose to insult anyone.

Created by: Roman
  1. Do you have friends? DON’T LIE. Like real friends. Not people “who you talk to”
  2. Do people find you annoying?Be honest, think about how people think of you
  3. Are you social?
  4. Do you have trouble picking seats?
  5. Do you contact people outside of school?Do they want to talk to you?
  6. Do you talk to people or do they talk to you first?
  7. What do you think you are?
  8. Are you in any online group chats with your friends?
  9. Do you find a group for group projects?
  10. Free time in class! What do you do

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Quiz topic: Am I an NPC in school?