what's your high school stereotype?

high school can be pretty intense. people sterotype everyone so easily. everyone has their own group of friends that they belong too.. or maybe not in some cases.

whatever the case, this quiz is a fun way of seeing what general group you seem to have more things in common with, don't take it personally though, like i said, it's just for fun :)

Created by: creature11
  1. it's a saturday night, what are your plans?
  2. who would you usually sit with at lunch?
  3. your favorite color?
  4. what's your favorite kind of music?
  5. how often do you read books?
  6. now, your friends
  7. your views on tattoos / piercings ?
  8. do you do any sports?
  9. what do you do with your free time?
  10. do you sterotype yourself?

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Quiz topic: What's my high school stereotype?