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  • Your Result: the normal kid 92%

    good job, you don't belong to any of the stupid high school groups. you have nice friends, decent grades, whatever. you don't do anything that draws people's attention like the jocks or preps. you dress normally and get along with most people :)

  • This is totally me, I am definately a emo/scene kid. I'm mostly emo. Preppy was last, exactly where I want it to be. I'm not normal though so that part was kind of off but still a cool quiz.

  • I scored the "The Normal Kid". Wierd that Nerd was in last place for me. If I'm ever grouped in with anybody it's usually the nerds for some reason or another.

  • great job with this quiz! My personality fits the normal kid (what I got), second was jock (I love sports, but not quite cool), and very last is preppy... the accuracy is amazing!


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