High School Stereotype Quiz (for girls)

In High School there are lots of stereotypes. You might label yourself a popular but you might be a skater chick! You might think your a girl jock but you're really a geek? So answer questions like your favorite brand and if you have a boyfriend and see what your results are!

So have fun and when you get your result don't be disappointed. Its just for fun and games. Also I am not responsible for any puking, fainting, sezuiring, or any physical harm done while taking this quiz. Its not my fault you just got slapped across the face by your ex. Or you just puked because of your moms dinner disaster.

Created by: Ashlee
  1. What shoes do you love to wear?
  2. Someone just pushed you... What's your reaction.
  3. Your hair is usually...
  4. You and your friend are in a fight.
  5. History report time! You...
  6. MySpace is a teenage phenomenon! You think social media is...
  7. Texting!!! Its such a great way to communicate, some people think. How about you?
  8. Favorite brand?
  9. Favorite sport?
  10. Got a boyfriend?

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