Are you the main character right now?

Are you by chance the main character of an epic saga or series? The hero of a novel? Ya never know. But seriously this is just for fun. :) Answer honestly!

You just might be the main character! The protagonist! Have any of you seen Stranger than fiction? That’s kinda what I’m thinking... So enjoy. Enough words yeeeeet?

Created by: Sauron

  1. Do you have a tragic or mysterious past?
  2. Do you have an unusually loyal pet? Does it by chance speak to you? (Parrots count) ;)
  3. Have you recently moved houses or to a new school?
  4. Do you solve or investigate crimes?
  5. Are you an orphan or only have one parent? Do you live with a relative beside your parents?
  6. Do you have an amazing talent? (Sports, baking, etc...)
  7. Have you recently visited someone’s huge house/manor? Does it have interesting grounds or secret tunnels?
  8. Have you recently been forced to compete in some sort of event against your will? (Or worked super hard to get into some sort of event and made it?)
  9. Are you really observant and notice a bunch of weird/interesting things happening around you?
  10. Do you have a quirky or mischievous nature? Are you quick witted or cocky?
  11. Do you need a serious attitude adjustment?
  12. Have you recently been given some sort of huge responsibility?
  13. Do you train under some sort of master or old person?
  14. Have you recently woke up without memories or a traumatic injury?
  15. Do you work for someone shady? Are you a clone?
  16. Do have a gift you hide from people, or a secret you’ve never told?
  17. Are you insanely smart?
  18. Have you recently discovered a mythical/forbidden animal and kept it? Found a mysterious key or room? Discovered a city in you closet?
  19. Do you fight bad guys or monsters?
  20. Do you attend high School or junior high?
  21. Do you travel around on foot? Maybe with friends?
  22. Have you recently been asked to deliver something or find something? Been called on something sort of quest or been told you are the main figure of a prophecy?
  23. K we’re done

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Quiz topic: Am I the main character right now?