BFS Test - Benign Fasciculation Syndrome

Benign Fasciculation Syndrome, or BFS, is a neurological condition most notable for producing annoying muscle twitches. These little spasms can happen anywhere in the body. They are distressing, leading many people to have great anxiety about what is causing them. There may be othre symptoms that accompany the twitching, as well. But the good news is, BFS is completely benign. You can't die from it, nor does it progress to anything more serious.

No one really knows what causes BFS. The twitching suggests that damage or disruption has occurred to your nerves. It may have been due to a viral infection, a strange immune system reaction, or too much stress in your life. Whatever the cause, there is no quick cure. Since it isn't serious, not much effort is made to find a cure for BFS. But there is this handy test here to help see if you've got BFS. Just go ahead and take it!

Created by: JRobert
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  1. Do you have muscle twitching? (If you have no muscle twitching, there is no point to taking this test!)
  2. Is your twitching limited to one body part (face, hands, feet, back, etc) or multiple?
  3. When did the twitches start?
  4. Do you have any muscle weakness?
  5. Do you get muscle cramping or stiffness in the areas where you've felt twitches?
  6. Do your muscles feel extra tired after a workout?
  7. Do you regularly get a pins and needles feeling in your feet or hands (like they "fell asleep")?
  8. Do your symptoms have some better days and some worse days?
  9. Do you ever get a buzzing feeling, like a vibration in a body part?
  10. How many tests have you had done by a doctor for these symptoms?
  11. If you feel any pain with your symptoms, how bad is it?

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