snow leopards!!!!

this is a quiz to see how much you know about snow to take up space PINEAPPLE CUCUMBER AVACADO PICKLE COCONUT CARRET! snowflake, blizzard, snowy, snow, lassy, iggy, alaska, and pineapple!

i hope you know alot about snow leopards. now to take up space THE CUCUMBER PIG MADE THE PICKLE COW DISAPPEAR PINEAPPLE THE PENGUIN HAVE FUN!!! carret, pineapple, cucumber, avacado, coconut, snowy, snow, snowflake

Created by: 2kan

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  1. are snow leopards more related to tigers or leopards?
  2. can snow leopards roar?
  3. are snow leopards easy to find?
  4. what do snow leopards eat?
  5. where do snow leopards live?
  6. are baby snow leopards cute?
  7. would a snow leopard hurt you?
  8. are snow leopards pretty?
  9. are snow leopards awesome?
  10. what is a good name for a snow leopard?

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