Are You Ice Or Snow?

Are you ice or snow? Haha, you have no cue what each of them means. You are just sitting there clueless without interest in this quiz. Fine, create a cliffhanger for yourself then.

You have always pondered the question; ice or snow. Ice? Snow? Its a neverending battle that you are about to put an end to. It's your big moment. Ice vs. snow. Let's begin.

Created by: Damask
  1. Are you good about speaking your mind?
  2. Do you let people take advantage of you?
  3. Emotion-wise?
  4. Do you cry easily?
  5. What do you do when someone is walking all over you?
  6. What is your element?
  7. Pick one
  8. Superpower?
  9. They've been walking all over you and you're getting sick of it.....
  10. Do you want o be ice or snow?

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Quiz topic: Am I Ice Or Snow?