Which snow animal are you?

Everyone wants to find out their inner animal. Other quizzes may tell you different, but this is SNOW animals. Hope you enjoy! :-)

Are you awesome? In a few minutes you will find out... What snow animal you REALLY are!

Created by: Lioness
  1. Do you stay alone with your offspring, or with a BIG family?
  2. Do you like cats or dogs better?
  3. Do you have fangs or teeth-like?
  4. Do you like pie?
  5. What type of noise do you make?
  6. What colour do you like most?
  7. Huskies or white tigers?
  8. Do you like this quiz so far? (Does not effect answer!)
  9. Pie or cake?
  10. Final question! Are you awesome?

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Quiz topic: Which snow animal am I?