Tigers do you know life in the wild?

Tigers can live for a long time and they often have cubs they keep the cubs safe for around a year then they drive then out and they have to fend for themselves

Hope you liked this quiz I make quizzes about every single animal so please play them if you like animals I would recommend animal jam. Hope you had fun#

Created by: Jayjay

  1. Do Tigons and Ligers exist?
  2. How many species of tiger is there?
  3. Which of these is not a species of tiger?
  4. Which of these is not a species of tiger?
  5. How many teeth do tigers have?
  6. Do tigers ever kill a zebra so their cubs can have milk
  7. Do tigers like to swim?
  8. Do y tigers claws originate from Rhinos horns?
  9. Are tigers blind when born?
  10. Which of these colours are tigers not born with?

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Quiz topic: Tigers do I know life in the wild?