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  • 2Kan
    ""Why? You, after all, aren't afraid to throw around garlic around me." I said."
  • Secretly Evil
    "(They don't, there's also magical creatures outside of Malum, they just aren't evil type magical creatures.) Akona held her bre"
  • 2Kan
    ""But what if I'm too absorbed in my research to hear you or notice them?" I asked. I shan't lose."
  • 2Kan
    ""Hmm, but what if I'm too far away or they're too fast?" I questioned."
  • 2Kan
    ""But if you're watching me how would you see someone else?" I wasn't going to stop anytime soon."
  • 2Kan
    ""But what if you didn't see them?" I asked her."
  • 2Kan
    ""Uh-huh, and what would you do if such a thing happened?" I asked."
  • Wizards
    "Tekeshi waited to see if his question would be responded to."
  • Secretly Evil
    ""Remember," said one of them, "They could be invisible." Akona made sure to stay as silent as possible."
  • Secretly Evil
    "They began to walk around and look for whoever had broken in. Akona slowly slid back farther into the vent, hoping she wouldn't be noticed."
  • 2Kan
    "I raised an eyebrow at her, "Reeeeeeealy? Are people even aloud to eat in the library?""
  • 2Kan
    ""Well now that's just creepy, no debate about it." I said."
  • Secretly Evil
    "People walked in to the library, and though Akona didn't recognize the uniforms, they were police. They were there because someone had broke..."
  • 2Kan
    "I crossed my arms, "Well, then what are going to here?""
  • 2Kan
    ""You're the one who suggested it." I shook my head, "You're extremely forgetful.""

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