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  • How smart are you? The easy version.
    [published: Jul 6, 2017]

    Are you smart? Or rather, do you know the answers to these questions? If you don't you suck…

  • How well do you know Wings of Fire
    [published: Mar 26, 2017]

    How well do you know the Wings of Fire books? Well, if you want to find out don't take this…

  • Would I date You?
    [published: Mar 31, 2016]

    Would I date you? Take this quiz to find out! Now, to take up space: Kill the dead guys they died yesterday!…

  • Are you an angel or a demon?
    [published: Mar 20, 2016]

    Have you ever wondered whether you would be a demon, angel, or a half-demon half-angel? Well if you…

  • what mythacle creatcher are you?
    [published: Mar 10, 2016]

    dont you want to know what mythacle creatcher you would be?well this quiz will tell you…

  • snow leopards!!!!
    [published: Aug 19, 2014]

    this is a quiz to see how much you know about snow leopards.now to take up space PINEAPPLE CUCUMBER AVACADO…

  • are you a 2kan person
    [published: Aug 13, 2014]

    2kan is my way of saying toucan. A 2kan person is a person that loves 2kans. I don't know what to say so…

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  • 2Kan
    ""Exactly!" I said enthusiastically and wrapped my arm around her shoulders, the same arm that holding the knife that I forgot I was holding,..."
  • Secretly Evil
    "Erik noticed Herangar return, he considered going over to talk to him, but decided not to. "Hey Emily," said Akona, "Could you "
  • 2Kan
    "I followed her, still holding the knife because I forgot to put it back and I was unaware that I might be technically stealing. "Hey, I wasn..."
  • 2Kan
    "The instant I smelled the garlic I stepped back, holding my hands up, though I was still holding the knife, "Whoa, playing dirty are we?" I ..."
  • Wizards
    "Arden was kneeling on the ground and she looked up when she thought she heard something. What she saw made her freeze for a moment. On the t..."
  • 2Kan
    ""Uhhh..." I said, my face was bright red, I'd say it was because of shame from failure, but that would be a lie. I slowly reached to the sid..."
  • Wizards
    "Arden was out collecting potion ingredients that she had run out of. She was deep in the forest, far away from any civilization. That was th..."
  • 2Kan
    "I was startled by the sudden voice and fell off the counter and hit my head, "What the hell Astrid?" I said, standing up while holding my he..."
  • 2Kan
    "I swung my legs as I sat there, and slowly I began to realize that she was not going to show up, "Liar." I grumbled. I sighed and lied down,..."
  • 2Kan
    "I arrived at the kitchen, and was disappointed to see that chef was not there. I sighed and then hopped up onto a counter and sat there to w..."
  • 2Kan
    "I went the fastest way I could see on the map, and soon I was almost to the kitchen."
  • 2Kan
    ""Don't touch my clothes!" I shouted at her as I ran off. I then looked down at the map and followed it's directions to the kitchen."
  • 2Kan
    "I stood frozen, stuck in indecision. I couldn't decide whether I should try to find my way to kitchen myself, or beg Astrid to actually..."
  • 2Kan
    ""Prize?" I asked, "You have not yet won!" I would not go down that easily, and she would not be getting any prizes for tricking me."
  • Wizards
    "Yes there is. It is: 2kan Faceless Knight Puppet master12 pheonix_pharaoh"

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