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it takes a lot to be a you have what it takes? can you live up to the potential?? anyone can be a unicorn with the right trainer!!! no go out there and let your inner unicorn sparkle!!!

sooo...are YOU a unicorn? wanna find out if you are??? then take this quiz! duhhh * okai so i have to write a minimum of 150 word paragraph so...ehhhhh*

Created by: zombie_princxss
  1. do YOU think chur a unicorn??
  2. what's your favorite food?
  3. whats ur favorite genre of music?
  4. okai i have to do 12 questions soo...was chur favorite color? (does not affect score)
  5. will you follow me on or instagram?? (insta:B00p3r_d00p3r) ( B00p3r._.D00p3r)
  6. only 5 questions left...are u enjoying this quiz so far?? HMMM?? ARE YOU??? HUH????
  7. #Kellic or nah?
  8. ermergerd its 11:11!!!!
  9. 2 questions left.....will you leave me a comment? \(0-0)/
  10. last question...

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