How smart are you? The easy version.

Are you smart? Or rather, do you know the answers to these questions? If you don't you suck or something, whatever, It doesn't really matter at all, yay.

You better not cheat, that would be not nice, and then you wouldn't find out how smart you are, so yeah, don't cheat, nobody likes a cheater. So, get all the questions right if you're smart, have fun.

Created by: 2kan
  1. Do tigers like swimming?
  2. Can snow leopards roar?
  3. Are snow leopards actually a type of leopard?
  4. What is Nikola Tesla most famous for?
  5. Can peacocks fly?
  6. Is lightning electricity?
  7. What are the colors in a rainbow?
  8. Which of these serial killers was never caught?
  9. Who was Elizabeth Bathory?
  10. What did Nikola Tesla fall in love with?

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Quiz topic: How smart am I? The easy version.