Are You Actually Smart?

This quiz can see if you are just average or more than that. It is easy and for most can be easy to ace. There are question for grades K through 5th and a few bonus questions that are harder.

Could you be smart? Smart is easy to get, as long as you study hard. These questions are easy and can be solved by those who are smart. Ace this, and maybe you could try my other quiz (the other one is harder and is in the parting words at the end of my quiz). Enjoy my quiz!

Created by: MeepGirl

  1. Kindergarten question: What is a shape with 3 sides?
  2. Kindergarten question: What is always true for the first letter of a sentence?
  3. Kindergarten question: How do all pants start out?
  4. 1st grade question: Correct this sentence: They had a great time at the party?
  5. 1st grade question: How do all frogs start out (after they hatch from the egg)?
  6. 1st grade question: What is 4-3+8?
  7. 2nd grade question: What is the capital of Florida?
  8. 2nd grade question: What is 4x3 (4 times 3)?
  9. 3rd grade question: Which word fits in this sentence: The pigs were ___ in the mud.
  10. 4th grade question: What would you do to solve this word problem (no answer required): Paul has a basket of 6 apples. If 1/2 of the apples are green, how many apples are green?
  11. 4th grade question: What kind of rock is made of compressed sediment?
  12. 5th grade question: What was the first and only war America has ever drafted soldiers?
  13. Bonus question. Some may struggle with it. What substance has a chemical compound of CH4 and is produced during cow flatulence?
  14. Bonus question: What is the equation for speed?

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