How well do you know Zayn Malik

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If you know Zayn Malik from his audition in the X factor,or from when he quite 1D. Then you need to learn more. This quiz judges how much you know about his present life.

If you knew Zayn's past,then try your smarts on his present life which no one knows about except his closet friends and family. Try out your skills and just maybe you will get it.

Created by: Ciera Tomlinson
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  1. When Was he Born?
  2. Who was he engaged to?
  3. What's his fav color?
  4. When did he audition for the X factor?
  5. What is his mother's name?
  6. Who is he currently dating?
  7. What was the first song he released as a solo artist?
  8. What was his signature saying?
  9. When did he quite One Direction?
  10. Finish the lyric. "It's our Paradise and it's our____"

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Zayn Malik