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this quiz is to all one direction fans or zayn malik fans!!plzz join in and let us know about you!!!its very interesting and u can get more information about zayn malik!!

are you a genius? do you think you know more information about zayn malik?!!!then join this quiz and let us know your answers!let's see whether you are a true fan of zayn!

Created by: rizna malik

  1. what is zayn's full name?
  2. how old is zayn?
  3. when was he born?
  4. what does 'zayn' mean in arabic?
  5. what is zayn's favourite book?
  6. what is zayn's favourite animal?
  7. what was the song that zayn sang in Xfactor?
  8. what is zayn's Xfactor audition no.?
  9. what are the names of zayn's cats which he had when he was young?
  10. what is zayn's favourite food?
  11. what is the instrument that zayn can play?
  12. what are zayn's favourite subjects?
  13. what is zayn's secret talent?
  14. what would zayn be if he wasnt a member of 1D?
  15. what is zayn's favourite color?

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