Does Zayn Malik love you???

You know, there are smart people all over the world. But, there are a few intelligent people. Don't know what a genius is??? it is someone who is extremely brilliant.

Are you smart??? Well if you think you are, come take this quiz. let's see if you have the brains to complete this quiz about 1 Directions, Zayn Malik.

Created by: alice

  1. What is Malik's favorite color???
  2. What is Malik's favorite food???
  3. What is Malik's favorite animal???
  4. When was Malik born???
  5. Where was Malik born???
  6. What is Malik's favorite band???
  7. What is Malik's favorite song???
  8. What is Malik's star sign???
  9. What is Malik's shoe size???
  10. Where does Malik have a piercing???

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