Can you make a good story

Do You have what it takes to be an author?well its alot of hard work and you gotta have the right set of mind to be the next Jeff Kinney and this quiz will help.Also you gotta be SAVAGE SAVAGE SAVAGE Wooooooooo!!!!

Take my quizzels al of them past present and future so you can be SAVAGE SAVAGE SAVAGE WOOOOOOOOO!!!!...Anyways take my quizzels like 'em rate10 stars 'em and comment and remember...SAVAGE SAVAGE SAVAGE WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Created by: Slayerbrine
  1. So let's start which of these would you like as a pet
  2. Would you want to be a
  3. I like
  4. Do you like read
  5. My favorite age is
  6. I want
  7. Are you weird
  8. Rate
  9. Like 10 stars
  10. Comment

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Quiz topic: Can I make a good story