How Good Is Your Science Fiction Story?

Science fiction is probably one of the hardest book genre. You must be able to make creative ideas and insights while balancing it with a good sense of logic. Only good long-range thinkers can come up amazing views into the universe and our possible future.

Is your science fiction story interesting and original? Does it have novel ideas and twists beyond the abused cliches? Put your mind to rest and take this quiz and see if you have a real novel story to tell.

Created by: Kate
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  1. What kind of main character do you have?
  2. Who is the heroine or female love interest?
  3. If there is a romance, how do the girl and boy meet?
  4. What kind of aliens/monsters are there?
  5. What kind of technology is there?
  6. Who is the villain?
  7. What skills/powers does the hero have?
  8. What is the villain threatening?
  9. How does the hero defeat the villain?
  10. Does your story have any of these?
  11. What is the strongest thing in the universe?
  12. Which of these events happen?

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Quiz topic: How Good Is my Science Fiction Story?