Do People Respect You?

This quiz will determine if people respect you or not. Some people just keep their mouth shut and are great at what they do. They seem to have a lot of respect.

Are you a loudmouth? The bigger loudmouth you the lower your chances are of acquiring respect. The boss kind of has to be a loud mouth. If this is your case you should be fair and honest. Don't be petty or take cheap shots.

Created by: Serge
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  1. Are you honest?
  2. Do you call it how you see it?
  3. Are you really good at something?
  4. Do you take cheap shots when arguing? (Example: You are fat)
  5. Are you confident?
  6. Do you ever talk about politics?
  7. Do you make people better at their job or schooling?
  8. Do you hold people accountable for their actions?
  9. Are you a hypocrite?
  10. Are you a hard worker?

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