What kind of Snowflake are you?

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What type of Snowflake are you? You hear this word being used by various individuals in the news (entertainment) industry to describe people that they don't like. The truth is, there are different versions of this... and all can be pretty thin-skinned in their own ways.

The results vary based upon ideology, and the result generally is based upon stereotypes that one side has about the other. This is not just a liberal-conservative quiz. There are extremes, and it's possible that you get a moderate (mixed/middle) result. So go ahead and take the quiz to find out what kind of a Snowflake you really are!

Created by: sonofthunder73
  1. Bernie Sanders was...
  2. Jill Stein was...
  3. Gary Johnson was...
  4. Gun ownership is...
  5. Abortion should be...
  6. The best way to fix illegal immigration is to...
  7. If Iran invaded Israel, the U.S. should...
  8. The following statement is most true...
  9. What do you think of sanctuary cities?
  10. Do you think that it should be illegal for a baker to not sell a wedding cake based upon religious beliefs?
  11. What is your view on the theory of evolution?
  12. What is your view on religion?
  13. What is your opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement?
  14. What is your opinion on the NSA's mass surveillance?
  15. Eric Snowden is a...
  16. The biggest problem with the Supreme Court is:
  17. Caitlyn Jenner is...
  18. What is the best way to eliminate racism from the U.S.
  19. Donald Trump's presidency thus far has been controversial, to say the least. How would you best sum it up?
  20. The next U.S. president, if not Trump, needs to focus on:

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Quiz topic: What kind of Snowflake am I?

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