Smiler's How Jurassic Parka are you?

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Mods. There are some idiots out there that think it's all about be cool and smart in tailored clothing, R&B music and jazz, sipping coffee and dancing all night. In reality it's about having a Wellah haircut, wearing a parka and lots of targets.

Are you an Ace Face? James Michael Cooper and those tatty shops in Carnaby Street need your custom so take the plunge in my fantastic test and find out if you are really one of the Mods, one of the Mods, one of, one of, one of the Mods!

Created by: Paul Anderson
  1. Who is the top Mod ever?
  2. What is the best album for Mods ever?
  3. How old are you
  4. What scooter looks best?
  5. What is the ultimate style look?
  6. Best film ever made?
  7. Most Mod thing to say...
  8. You paint your room. How do you paint it?
  9. You have a newborn child do you....
  10. Sum yourself up in three words

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Quiz topic: Smiler's How Jurassic Parka am I?