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  • Your Result: Chill, You're Fine! 81%

    So maybe you get a little tired sometimes. And maybe you party a little too late on some nights. No big deal! For the most part, your sleep is completely normal.

    71% You need more sleep!
    65% Insomnia c!
    55% Narcoleptic
    0% Sleep Apnea
    Well that is very encouraging. ;)

  • weird saying i have sleep apnea, besides i know what it is, i dont need to be explained what it is, i just had my tonsils removed this september and i didnt have any adenoids and i dont have sleep apnea, but hell whatever, my dad had it so i was tested for it and i dont have it, but it was fun anyways, no matter how inaccurate, thumbs up....B+

  • great quiz!


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