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  • Need more sleep by nindy percent,seems legit sense I've always had poor sleeping habits due to my mind always being so busy most of the time along with liking to be active usually doesn't help much when it's bedtime. Cool quiz anyways mate though.

  • Your Result: Chill, You're Fine! 81%

    So maybe you get a little tired sometimes. And maybe you party a little too late on some nights. No big deal! For the most part, your sleep is completely normal.

    71% You need more sleep!
    65% Insomnia c!
    55% Narcoleptic
    0% Sleep Apnea
    Well that is very encouraging. ;)

  • weird saying i have sleep apnea, besides i know what it is, i dont need to be explained what it is, i just had my tonsils removed this september and i didnt have any adenoids and i dont have sleep apnea, but hell whatever, my dad had it so i was tested for it and i dont have it, but it was fun anyways, no matter how inaccurate, thumbs up....B+

  • great quiz!


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