Single, NOT ready to mingle! (part 1)

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I am starting a new series! I am really excited. WOOT! I am hoping it will turn out good- tell me in the comments! Also rate it 10 stars if you want to see more. Thank you!

It is your first day in high school! Your hope is to make a s great impression! Well..., you're going to try to make a good impression... Found out what happens next!

Created by: Emma LAWL

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  1. Females only!
  2. So this is my new series... :) Please read it before you go away!
  3. Let's begin!
  4. "High school," Tina whispered; her hand was shaking as it rested in yours. You squeeze it. "And we're going to make the best first impression!" You try saying enthusiastically; instead you turn out sounding sad. "Here we go." Tina said giving the indication to begin walking. Neither of you move. The first bell rings. "We don't want to be late!" You say starting to walk. You are just leaving the parking lot, when Tina yelps, "WATCH OUT!!!" She jumps away, but you blindly continue forward as you bump into someone. You knock the person over, and whoever it was dropped something big. You open your eyes and feel pain in your knee. Tina helps you up. You gasp, when you see who you knocked over. A handsome 11th grader lies on the ground in front of you; his blonde bangs are pushed out of his closed eyes, and his (purple) shirt is slightly rolled up because of the fall. All around him lay pieces of a toothpick town project. Your heart sinks. "Is he dead?" Tina asks. Though the question is stupid, he is laying so still you wouldn't be surprised if he was. To find out you poke him.
  5. You finger is millimeters away from his face. Your finger shakes because honestly..., doesn't it scare you to touch a really sexy 11th grader? You are about to poke him when he sits up. Quickly you jump back so he doesn't realize that just now you were almost on top of him! "Ow!" He feels his back, "Watch where you're going!" "I'm sorry! I didn't-" He gasps cutting you off, "My project!" He gets up and eyes your destruction around him. He looks at you with a mixture of anger and hurt. "This was supposed to be displayed in Room 17 for the freshmen this year!" Tears gather in your eyes. This is not how my first day of high school was supposed to start, you think. "I'm really sorry." You repeat sincerely. "What can we do to help?" Tina asks, "Take you to the office?"
  6. Moments later we were sitting in the office. You hold a slip of paper excusing you from class if anyone asks. Through the window you notice two janitors cleaning up the 11th grader's project. You heart sinks. This is not how your first day was supposed to go! You think again. You bury you face in your palms. The door to what apparently was the nurse's office was opened. "Nate is fine." The nurse (Ms. Lockkins) says. Nate? So that's his name. He comes out giving you a cold stare; he carelessly holds an ice pack on his side. His bangs are also messed up. How cute he looks. Also he looks very murderous. Guys are interesting; and cute. "Is it okay if I check your knee [YOUR NAME]?" Ms. Lockkins asks. You stand up. As you nod you say, "Sure." Ms. Lockkins ushers you to sit back down. With her careful, yet shaky fingers she gently rolls up your jeans. She is almost at the knee when you see faint splotches of blood. When she gets to you knee it stings a bit, but otherwise it's just a little scrape. The nurse quickly walks over to her office to get a..., well to get something. You look over your shoulder and notice Nate standing at the door. Why didn't he leave? Your eyes meet. His eyes are green but almost gray. You hear Ms. Lockkins come into the room; you might've imaged him smile before he opened the door and left the office.
  7. You watch Ms. Lockkins as she wipes your knees clearing away the small amount of blood. "Thank you." You say kindly. She nods "˜you're welcome.' Tina stands up, and you follow her outside. You up the stairs to go to the main campus which is decorated with dried up gardens, and littered with cigarette butts. You turn away. Tina leads you toward the east hallway. Your footsteps echo through the hallway followed by the loud sound of Tina's high heels. Your shadows loom across the barley lit walls; you grab Tina's hand for support. Room 17's door has faded graffiti on the corner that says "˜Mr. Leebart is better than Miss Tubaby!' You reach for the handle and open the door. The handle doesn't budge. "It's locked." Tina says reading your thoughts. She knocks. No one comes over. She knocks again with more force. From inside someone shouts, "TARDAY!" Followed by, "Igor quiet." The footsteps become louder. The door opens for us. You look up; staring down at you is an angry face. He isn't old, 30 maybe. He looks tired, really tired, and in fact now that you noticed that he doesn't look angry. His eyes are Asian, the color of his eyes is impossible to make out. "May I help you?" He says steadily. "Um, this is our advisory," You begin, but he gives uncertain look. "We have a pass!" Tina says a bit too eagerly, handing him the note. He looks it over. You notice a bruise near his ear. He gives you a weak smile, "Welcome, I'm Ryu-Dusu Leebart. My students call my Mr. Leebart or Ryu." You walk in. Eager glances are tossed in you direction. You notice only two empty desks, and they are on different sides of the classroom. You take the seat closest to the door, and then watch Tina settle down at the other desk. Oh joy.
  8. In front of you sits a mess of wavy black hair. The glowing screen of a phone sits in his lap, a game, Temple Run, is turned on. 1,005,678 is his score, wow he's good, you think. You turn around to see who sits behind you. Cold amber eyes stare back at you. You turn away, a gasp escapes you mouth, heavily you take a breath in. Now you are tempted to see who sits behind you. Determined, you turn around once again. A black hood covers most of the person's face. The person's dark colored hair falls a bit past their eyes. Their skin is caramel colored. That is the only thing you can detect behind the shadow that presents the person's face. The person's eyes seem to almost glow. "Who are you lookin' at?" The person snaps. Rapidly you turn to face Mr. Leebart, taking quick breaths.
  9. Mr. Leebart examines the class. He was very formal, and serious. "I'll take roll, and then we'll hand out class sheets." The boy sitting in front of you turns around. In the front his black bangs are neatly combed. His eyes are blue. Like blue, really blue! "I thought Mr. Leebart was supposed to be fun!" He complained to you, then suddenly flashed a smile, "Oh I'm sorry bro, I forgot to introduce myself. You know my mom wants me to have manners now that I'm in high school, really stupid in my opinion." He flicks his head to get his bangs out of his eyes. You blush uncontrollably. "Aaanyway, I'm Dmetrei, but I hate that name so call me Seth." He turns around to face you. "Cuz, ya know that's a cool name." He finishes winking. You smile. "I like the name Dmetrei." You say. He looks at you like you just fired a gun. "Well, um thanks." He says blushing a little, "But don't call me that. Nobody accept for you and my family know my real name." Your eyes widen. Why did he tell YOU his real name? "Oh no! I forgot to tell Mr. Leebart to call me Seth!" He is already pushing his chair in, and start to quickly walk up to the front when Mr. Leebart says, "Dmetrei Alexeyev?" Dmetrei seems to freeze on the spot. "Dmetrei? Are you here?" Mr. Leebart calls out. "Here..." Dmetrei says weakly. "What!?" someone calls out from the other side of the class. "You real name is Dmetrei!?" says someone else through laughter. Soon the whole class is laughing. Dmetrei looks like he's about to cry. "I LIKE THE NAME DMETREI!" You shout above the laughter standing up. Suddenly it's silent. Everyone's waiting for your next words. "It's much better than Seth..." You say less confidently.
  10. "Sit DOWN!" Mr. Leebart snapped. You sit quickly. Then Mr. Leebart gives the classroom a deadly stare stopping at Dmetrei, "Both of you!" Dmetrei sits. "Now I will CONTINUE ROLL WITHOUT INTERPUTTIONS!" He hollers. You sink deeper into you seat.
  11. Review our class sheets with a partner. That was the assignment. You and Dmetrei sit in the corner of the room on the fuzzy green carpet. "We have a lot of classes together." He whispers. You look up at Mr. Leebart. He is skimming through papers. "Yes," You agree quietly. Dmetrei looks straight in your eyes, and for the first time you realize how close you are. You are leaning on his shoulder! You quickly sit up. Dmetrei examines the floor. "Thanks for standing up for me..." He says after a long pause. You look at him but he doesn't take his gaze away from the floor. "It was pointless, really." He continues lowering his voice throughout the sentence. "All you did was crush your chance of being popular in high school." He looks straight into your eyes. Gently he brushes a strand of hair from your face. You let yourself slightly lean on his shoulder again. You realize you are shaking a bit. Suddenly the sirens SCREECH. You jump. The whole room is lit by the fire alarm's blaze. The sprinklers on the ceiling turn on, drenching you in water. Shouts of chaos echo through the hallway. "REMAIN CALM!" Mr. Leebart shouts looking alarmed. "SINGLE FILE LINE!" He shouts over the fire alarm. You awkwardly walk toward the door with robotic movements trying not to slip on the wet tile. The alarm sounds in your ear as you get closer to the door.
  12. THE END OF PART 1!
  13. I just lost inspiration for writing..., for now...
  14. Anyways c'ya at part 2!!! ^u^

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