Do you mingle well?

Mingling is a part of life and will turn out to be a great skill for some. Want to find out if you have to work on your mingle skills? Take the MINGLE TINGLE quiz to find out if you should go to parties!

In this quiz you can! In just a few minutes you'll find out if you need to tone it down or up! MINGLE TINGLE rocks! You can see who you are in the mingle world!

Created by: Liz
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  1. You're friends are taking you to a party, but at the last minute your best best best friend backs out. Do you go?
  2. A guy you've never seen comes up and starts flirting. But you have a BF. What do you do?
  3. During a math/science quiz a girl passes you a note. When you read it, you see it's about a party do you respond then or wait?
  4. How many friends do you have?
  5. If you have or had a MySpace, how many pics of you partying would there be?
  6. Where do you sit on the bus?
  7. You are at a camp and it's getting hot and steamy around the campfire. Do you ask your crush out or just wait for him.
  8. There's a boring, stupid and... well you get it, assembly. And you and your friends are being SEPARATED! How do you deal?
  9. Your best friend is sick and can't make it to your mini-play of Romeo and Juliet. You've got the jitters and you feel like you want to run off stage. Do you?
  10. flkgndkfgndfjhodpfgodfjg odfjgpodjfogjf? What language was that?

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Quiz topic: Do I mingle well?