Silver Blade: Part One

Okay so, first things first. If you haven't read the prologue, go do that. Okay, done? Excellente. So, I'd like to dedicate this to Lexi (ghettobabe4ever)

Quick shout-out to HoundLover for reading the series and same goes for ghettobabe4ever. I'd also like to thank ghetto for editing this chapter for me and adding the feminine touch it needed.

Created by: LetsTacoBoutIt

  1. First things first, if you haven't read the prologue, then go do that. Vamonos amigo. Ok, you done? Excellente .
  2. ***TEN YEARS IN THE FUTURE *** "My p-pp-poker face, my p-poker face. My p-p-poker face, my p--" the alarm clocks speaker spat out, a long lanky hand slamming down on the off button. " I really don't care about your poker face, Lady." Scout grumbled through clenched teeth as she rolled over on her side. This is how it always went. She'd set her alarm clock for a certain time -- and then get mad when it went off. "Come on Scout! Rise and shine, bonita!" a cheerful voice chirped from across her bedroom -- the voice belonging to her best friend -- Danny. " What the hell does that even mean? Rise and shine? I'm not a star or a constellation." Scout sighed from her bed.
  3. Danny cocked his head to the side as he thought about it for a second. " Hey, I didn't come up with it -- I just say it." he shrugged. That's Danny for you -- never much of a thinker, more of a do-er. " Well get the hell out of my room, nub. I'm trying to sleep." she growled. " Exactly. You don't know what today is, do you princess?" " Uhm. It's a day. Of the week. In a month --" " No, you moron. It's Monday the fifth. The day your dad comes back. Remember?"
  4. Her dad. That demonic creature that left her at the age of six. How could she forget? She quickly launched upwards into a sitting position -- her large hazelnut colored eyes widening as she stared in horror. Black puffs of hair stuck out from her head in a wild mess from her sleep, most of it glued onto her pasty, sweaty skin. " Danny! You should have told me sooner! We could have been gone by now, we could have --" " Made ourselves larger targets. Scout, listen to yourself! Your not thinking straight! Scout Peterson doesn't do fear. Remember?" he shouted over her hysterics. She quit talking immediately and stared at him in shock. Danny wasn't one to scream -- and when he did, he meant business.
  5. "Okay, you're right Dan. For real though, what are we gonna do? I don't even know why he wants me. He left me, for god's sake." she sighed into the palms of her hands -- Danny's hazel eyes catching hers for a split second. " Well, first things first," he said, looking at the wild tangled jumble of hair poking up from her head. " you can go get cleaned up and then we can do whatever. Maybe we can catch a plane or..." he trailed off. Scouts brows furrowed as she tossed the fluffy blankets off of her -- the cold AC blowing onto her bare flesh. "Yeah, I guess that'll do."
  6. ***Thirty-five minutes later **After combing out all of the rats nests from her hair and putting on a fresh pair of clothes, Scout bounded downstairs in search for Danny -- who was perched atop the counter in a Spiderman pose. "What the hell are you doing?" she asked, her nose crinkling in confusion. " Shhhh. They're outside, princessa." he simply whispered.
  7. Crouching down to form a tight ball, Danny quickly rolled off of the counter and onto the cold tiling, grabbing Scouts wrist and yanking her down too. " Listen princessa. We have two options. We can stay here and fight and most likely get held captive," he whispered into her ear, the piercing on his lip brushing against her cheek. " Or we can run away and hope for the best." "Option two." she whispered back, clutching her large hand against his bare arm, absentmindedly tracing the snake tattoo on his shoulder. "As much as I like where this is going, we need to go --now."
  8. Scout's cheeks went a bright tomato red as she quickly yanked her hand away and gave him a scowl. " You're messed up, ya know that?" she grumbled. Danny gave a small laugh before taking her hand and forcing her flat against the tiling. "What the hell are you --" "Crawl." he instructed, getting down in the same position, his stomach pressed flat to the ground as they wriggled towards the back door. " Scout, my precious gem. Whatever are you doing?" a brittle ice whispered into the silent room. Scouts eyes enlarged as she swung her head around to see...
  9. ***CLIFFHANGER ***
  10. Okai, sorry. I know that's a sucky place for a cliffhanger, but I sorta did something huge. So, yeah....

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