Shout outs! (part one)

So, I would like to thank quite a few people for their help, support, inspiration, and other things. So, if you're reading this, I hope that you're one of them.

It's been quite a long journey since I first started, and even though I'm a one-woman-show, much of the credit goes to other people. Because if I didn't have their support, I wouldn't be where I am now.

Created by: chopinSonata1849

  1. Hey guys (this really applies to everyone)!! So, there's SO many people that I'd like to thank. Even though I'm a one-woman-show, that doesn't mean that I got to be where I am, alone
  2. First, I want to thank the user formerly as Natuhleegayle (I think that's how to spell it), or known as nathaliegp on wattpad. She introduced me (through her quizzes) to the world of quiz-stories and inspired me to write myself
  3. Next, I wanna thank mcqueen. She gave me a lot of recognition through her quizzes "This Week's Hottest Quizzes". She suggests a lot of good quizzes. I suggest that you go check it out.
  4. Next, is several people who have encouraged me throughout the course of my writing on GTQ: mcqueen, Miss Direction, liz_king97, music826, JTheGreat, HogwartsLove, hp4evr, Orange Fusion, Pyrapotter/Blahh45, and a bunch of other people.
  5. I'd like to thank xxblutixx. She's given me lots of guidance, despite her very busy schedule
  6. Next, user I'd like to thank..... Drumroll please (or not)
  7. Lastly but not least....
  8. She's given me so many ideas, suggestions and support
  9. She goes by two names. Formerly known as Blahh45, but now goes by PyraPotter
  10. Lastly, there are a few more people that motivated me (through their incredibly sweet comments) to continue writing even after I had stopped writing/ took a break for a while (a year, maybe?). Those people are: Pyrapotter/Blahh45, Death_the_Kid_13,JTheGreat, and Quiz_Lover432

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