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  • I feel like a -insert an unlady like word that i use with my friends everyday- for not being on here regularly. It's really touching to see that I'm actually remembered on this site and that I'm still being praised! This was incredibly sweet! And I really didn't do much "revolutionary" act to the Harry Potter series alone, everyone here did! :)

    Thank you so much again, this was incredibly sweet!

  • ... ... ... *whispers* thank you for saying so many nice things to people. I have had a horriable day and seeing this made it brighter. Because there is still nice people out there, I just am not near them. I know there has been manty shout out quizzes but I just saw this at the right time, right day, right place and basically this is what I needed. So for spelling mistakes, if there is any. My fingers are typing themself really. I dont have much control on what they are doing, its moving too quickly for my brain to keep up. :) Smile

  • I know a girl named Aria. Ohhhhh! *points at self* That's me xD Omigod. This quiz was overall, PERFECTION. I can't say anything...You made my night. You are just so amazing. I know we got off on a rough start but that was my stupid cousin's fault. I still felt bad though =/ I love you 5th! What's your email again? I wanna email you and thank you x

  • AAAWWWWHHHH :3 ^.^ =) x) *tackle hugs 5th* you're too sweet! Sorry, encroaching on your personal space XP *backs up a little* thank youuuuu ^^ you read some of my writing =o no way I can compare to the most ground-breaking author in the world, J.K. Rowling, but you're nice to say so. You, missy, do something amazing that I could never do, though - you work in and around HP for your writing keeping it both original and canon and the blend is one-of-a-kind! =o maybe YOU are J.K. Rowling in disguise *reads what I've typed* I sound a little hyper... ahhh well, just happy you brightened my day and took away some stress ^^ you're amazing, 5th! ~

  • Rdhjichuidsbuiebywc dusegubeuycewuefvyf euyedvysucyv. I LOVE YOU. I LLOOOOOOOOOOVE. YOU. OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH AND YES! PLEASE MESSAGE ME, oh my gosh I'm seriously so happy right now, I love and adore you so much! YOU are the genius! And thank you for EVERYTHING, your support, your kindness, you're too amazing to describe, and your writing- GEEZ IT'S DJDNJDGSNS

    *takes in deep calming breath* My email is WhaleYou@gmail[.]co m without the brackets! I love you so much and thank you so much as well! I can't even begin to explain what an influence you have on me and what an idol and amazing friend and author you are! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Haha you put "I live you guys" instead if "I love you guys". But then again, it does kinda make sense....

    This was really sweet and cool. :P.

  • I clicked 'I don't know her...' on my shoutout. XP What Roleplay where you talking about?


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