This is my first actual shout-out quiz. I'm really bad at shout-out quizzes, so I'm sorry if this one is bad. Y'all are AMAZING!!! I hope I didn't miss anyone!!!

And shout-out to the mods. Y'all are AWESOME!!! Thank you for making GTQ an amazing place. I can't shake the feeling that this will be the worst shout-out quiz ever...

Created by: derecho

  1. This is my first actual shout-out quiz!
  2. My first shout-out goes to Sonic Tails Lf!!! You are AMAZING!!! I haven't forgotten your offer about the tacos. *Calls you* Could I have a taco?
  3. Shout-outs to ItsBrycen!!! I think you were the first person to talk to me in the forums. Remember, you are the King of Paris!!!
  4. Shout-out to KrazyGirl 765. You are one of the first people I talked to in the forums. Your AWESOME!!!
  5. Shout-outs to Horror Lives 2!!! Thank you for the shout-out you gave me in your quiz and for EVERYTHING else. Your a great friend!!!
  6. Shout-out to Cinnamon_Roll!!! Bob and Larry thank you!!! Your really nice and funny!!! (When I saw Bob and Larry, I couldn't stop laughing)
  7. Shout-out to Tremendus!!! That movie we watched was su-purr awesome!!! And so are you!!!
  8. Shout out to My_Wolves!!! Your quizzes are the BEST!!!
  9. Shout-out to Accalia 123!!! Thanks for the pancakes during the movie and everything else!!! *Still eating pancakes*
  10. I hope I didn't miss anyone!!!
  11. BOI!!!

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