Shout out to my bestie Vivious!

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This is just a shout out! You married Little Red Riding with my black shoes, but I advise you are destined the n my hair? Take me to be bullied like the most important to me

On a very fierce competition for u have a boyfriend is the most fierce beast to say that, I have no secrets of Snow, but you can get to go see it was a concept. Thanks,

Created by: Cerise Hood

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  1. This is a shout out to a very special person who I'll always remember and never forget!
  2. Vivious! Hi! Miss ya! And I don't know how long I'll stay on because of my mom, but if I don't respond in a while, I had to get off! Maybe she'll go to sleep and forget!
  3. I just wanted to say, you are a nice, and very kind hearted! You've been so nice to me and you are just great! Just know that you are my bestie and that I'll always be your number one fan! Best friends forever after!
  4. Okay, mama fell asleep!
  5. Ever After High or Monster High?
  6. Madeline Hatter?
  7. How about Cerise Hood?
  8. Peace and quiet or MEAT!
  9. Royals vs Rebels? Your side?
  10. BFFA?
  11. MEAT!
  12. Ending this quiz.....

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