Sure!!! That'll be great!

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This is for you Vivious! You are SO kind hearted and sweet! You can copy my idea! I don't care! I'd LOVE for you to do that! Thank you!!! This isn't a real quiz...

THIS QUIZ IS JUST TO THANK SOMEONE! I'm Cerise Hood. Hi. Okay... thanks Vivious! I don't know why l keep saying that! PEACE OUT! I LOVE MEAT! BYE!! BYE!!!

Created by: Cerise Hood

  1. This is for the person who asked me if they could copy my idea and do a quiz about Madeline Hatter! And yes you can copy my idea! I really appreciate what you said about my quiz! Thank YOU VERY MUCH Vivious!
  2. This isn't really a quiz, just to let you know.
  3. I loved my quiz! By the way, I'm Cerise Hood.
  4. 7 more questions to go.
  5. Almost done!
  6. They told you everything was waiting for you!
  7. Ready?
  8. I LOVE Cerise Hood!
  9. Don't forget, this quiz is just to thank someone! Vivious! Got that? GRR!
  10. Last question, bye!

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