Would you be a great parent?

There are a few great parents. Are you one of them? Need to know? Try this quiz, it awaits your arrival! Come on! What will this hurt? You could be great, moderate or horrible.

Are you a great parent? Do you have the patience, maturity, and kindness to be this way? Well now you CAN find this kind of stuff out! It will be fun, cool, and awesome.

Created by: Lex

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your twins are crying, little boy pulling your hair, and want to scream. You....
  2. If you had 1 little girl, you'd rather name her......
  3. Your son had a nightmare and is now awake, plus it's 3am and he jumps in bed with you...... You....
  4. Do you think you'd be a good parent ?
  5. What does the color green mean to you?
  6. Are you patient?
  7. How many kids do you want?
  8. Why'd ya take this quiz?
  9. You have to wait 9 months to have a baby You feel....
  10. Do you want a girl or boy?
  11. Your daughter wants 50 dollars for her birthday. She has done her homework, made her bed and did her chores. Do you get her the 50 dollars?

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