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There are many people waiting for friends. But this quiz will help you determine if you or your bestie are really besties. I mean... It could be that you guys are faking...

Are YOU a true bestie? Is SHE a true bestie?Thanks to this quiz... you can find out in just a few minutes. yes, just a few minutes........ don't worry to much.

Created by: Alicia

  1. What is your bff's fav popstar?
  2. If your bff got tickets to your favorite artist's concert, she would:
  3. What is your fav thing to do with your bff?
  4. If you were sick the day of a prom and your crush asked you to go your bff would:
  5. What is you bffs fav holiday
  6. your bff got you matching shirts you:
  7. Its picture day at school and your bff is wearing a terrible outfit. You:
  8. Its Christmas and you didn't get your bff a gift. You:
  9. If you had to describe your friend with one word, it would be...
  10. Do you think you will get a good rating?

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