Which Holiday Movie Character are You?

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It is holiday season and we all need to know which holiday movie character we will be. Right? Are you ready to know if your holiday fate is more Love, Actually or Home Alone?

This is my first quiz so be kind. To get yourself in the right frame of mind, perhaps roast a chestnut, take a walk in a winter wonderland, or spike your eggnog.

Created by: goodmanb
  1. Which is your preferred of these holiday traditions?
  2. The holidays are over. How do you unwind?
  3. All I want for a gift is...
  4. Last minute shopping...What is your go to gift?
  5. Favorite holiday tune?
  6. Christmas tree. Colors?
  7. Your go to holiday movie
  8. Hot drink for a cold night.
  9. Guilty holiday pleasure?
  10. Best holiday smell
  11. Pie is good. Which pie?

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Quiz topic: Which Holiday Movie Character am I?