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let me try and type this without crying thank you all so much i can't say this enough I LOVE YOU ALL thanks for everything tell next time mcqueen out bye

thank you for taking the time to read this quiz now let me try and type this without crying thank you all so much i can't say this enough I LOVE YOU ALL so much thanks for everything tell next time miss you bye

Created by: mcqueen

  1. I would like no no no i would Love to thank you all for taking my quizes and keeping my coming back to this site atleast 50 times a day you all are my family and part of my life and these are just a few people i would like to thank
  2. first i would love to thank ILuvHolister for taking several of my quizes and leveing comments because shes not afraid to ask a question
  3. next is someone who left a comment so sweet i feel like shes a sister to me shes none other than the famous HOGWARTSLOVE made one of the first quiz i ever took and the reason i made a account on this site shes so sweet
  4. and Twisted Roots,pielover511 lilfallenangel,booknerd221,shadow wolf195,nachozvscupcakes,coalfeather ...
  5. amazingfulyweird,scolionophobia, sockhat,happycat321,aina_msia, josellarodrigue,a random person, graceface,dcgirl,magicmovement..
  6. jinx_thesleuth,kirby,RayRay, codysimpsonluv,Bookworm123...
  7. And the famous Firey_Soul shes so sweet and and i love her quizzes looking forward to the next one
  8. Xx Sophiac xX,madid,sunday1, Blue clouds,laurenblah75,shadow4, ivoryleaf,back to december, daughter of apollo,lucyheartfillia
  9. James Bond for his famous burned cabin im still wating on the fanaily
  10. Angelic4,Violalover,Puffball love your quizzes
  11. natuhleegayle the famous quiz maker who is loved by all and always has us jumpping up and down wating for her next quiz
  12. and finally the person who wrotten the first quiz i ever took gfh012 and part of the reason im still on this site
  13. a last but not least i would love to thank gotoquiz for helping meet these amazing people that have takin my quizzes and changed my life I LOVE YOU ALL (im crying just writting this) please take my other quizzes and tell your friends bye

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