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Hello. It is me again. This time I made a shout out quiz. I would like to mention all the wonderful people that make gotoquiz to the place it is. Thank you.

Now comes the stuff you should read: I am sorry if I didn´t mention you. Please tell me in the comments if I didnt. If you are not happy with what I said about you, please also tell me.

Created by: Clarke
  1. Did you read the informative paragraphs?
  2. My first shout out goes to DRAGONSFIRE! You where the first person that gave me the feeling to be welcome here on gotoquiz. You are very kind and understanding. You talk to everyone and I know no forum that you didn´t visit. I like talking to you, because you always spread positive energy. Keep doing that!
  3. Next I would like to mention KATNISSEVERDEEN1 here!Katniss, you are a funny and entertaining person, keep that up! With out you gotoquiz would not be the same. You love the hungergames, just like me and you are good at keeping up conversations. We don´t talk a lot, but I would wish we would.
  4. Now I would like to say something about UNICORNKAT! Unicorn you are kindness in person. You seem like a little child and live the positive live of a little child. I like that. You mentioned me in your shout out quiz and I would like to thank you for that again. I never heard you say anything negative. Continue living like that! You are such a good person!
  5. And now a big applause for EMOWOMAN please! Em, you are the most wonderful person I ever met. You bring fun in to every conversation. Please continue that. You are so kind and so happy. You are so positive! I wish I could be like that too!
  6. The next wonderful person on my list is YOI MORGAN! Yoi Morgan, I don´t know you very well, but you were the first person to sign up for my first roleplay and I can´t thank you enough for that. It would be nice if we Talk more, but I like you. You are kind and careful, stay like you are!
  7. EGGALY! Please come on to the stage! Eggaly, you are always ready for a conversation, even at the crack of dawn. You spend a lot of time on gotoquiz and that is why I couldn´t imagine gotoquiz with out you. You make this place special. You are very good at keeping up conversations. You also join a lot of conversations. Stay like that, or a lot of people would be lonely!
  8. It is your turn JACOB! (He always changes accounts, so I just use his real name) You wan´t to be in every conversation and have no problem with telling people about you. You are very open and I like that. You have good duscussions ready at all time and you always answer questions as soon as possible. You are a typical newbie, but you are very kind.
  9. BOSSBABY2! You are a funny person and sometimes a little weird (positive). I don´t know a lot more about you, but it would be nice to get to know you a bit more.
  10. Now JEESHAN! To me you are almost a total stranger. But I know you are kind and funny. I know that it is not a waste of time having a conversation with you. I just wish, I could talk to you more, so I can mention the other good things about you.
  11. All that I said we could talk, more: I have a thread in the Lounge-forum called "Cs Cafe", maybe you would want to swing by, so I can write down the other wonderful things about you.
  12. If I forgot to mention you (well, I made a thread for those who wanted to be mentioned!), I am so sorry! Please tell me in the comments and you will recieve an answer.

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