Shout Out Quiz!

Yay, you made it! Welcome to my shout out quiz! It's always so hard to fill these paragraphs, but I can still try at least. I hope I got everyone, lol

If you're in here, please consider yourself a nominee for a reward. *hands you a golden trophy* Please enjoy this quiz although it's probably boring as heckeroonie. Bye!

Created by: SprinkledSpice

  1. First shout out goes to dragonsfire! Thank you for being of the first people to welcome me to GTQ, I really appreciate it :3
  2. The second shout out goes to Raynefall! Thank you so much for teaching me the ropes and making me feel at home in GTQ, it meant a lot to me :3
  3. Third shout out goes to Jayfeather310! Thank you for being such a precious lil' bean and thoughtfully bumping the rps all of the time.
  4. Next shout out goes to katnisseverdeen1! Thank you for making me laugh and for being your hilarious self.
  5. Next shout out to Mused Jade! Thank you for roleplaying with me and being so nice.
  6. Next shout out to Jeeshan! Thanks for being so funny and also inspiring me to make this quiz.
  7. Next shout out to ColorsOfTheWind! Thank you for always accepting me into your rps and for having awesome rp plots. I can't make very good plots :')
  8. Next shout out to Keyboard_Cousin! Thank you for always being so eager to do rps and for being so sweet.
  9. And additional shout outs :D
  10. Shout out to demonwolf (forgot the numbers hehe sorry) for being so funny and being such a good roleplayer.
  11. Shout out to phoenix_pharaoh for being so cool and helpful (and for both you and demonwolf being such amazing artists like heck)
  12. And how could I forget Creative Name when she's literally such a goof (in a good way) and the biggest Peralyth shipper this world has ever known?
  13. And shout out to Keyboard, how could I forget you?
  14. And finally, thank you for taking this long (and probably boring) quiz!

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