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  • Lots of the questions didn't really feel right with me. In this quiz it made it sound like the only reason for anyone to change their sex is because they envy someone, something, want something out of it, and so and so forth.

    For me, I just don't feel comfortable with myself anymore. I've been through a lot as a female because of my gender and I want to get rid of those eyes, those thoughts, these feelings of fear and doubt. I already know what my father thinks, he thinks that I'm just being an ignorant girl, just how he sees all women, but my mother.

    My sister wouldn't care, she might think that it would actually be a great fit for me, my mother wouldn't understand, but would try and support me or talk me out of it and not really putting her views on these matters onto me.

    All my life I've been different, I always hung out with the boys until I got into Jr. High I hung out with both and now its every gender known to this universe. However, each one is always the same variable--they all want to be more than friends. Its rare for me to even find a real friend that doesn't want to f--- me.

    I hate it. I hate the attention my gender brings me, I hate the objectifying eyes that look at me, I hate them all.

    I don't even wear anything that is considered "slutty" clothes. Just some jeans/sweats or a tanktop or long sleeved shirt.

    Maybe I should change, but the fear of me changing would mean I would have to change everything that I know about myself. Besides, I don't really like girls that much. They're loud, annoying, always wanting your attention, expect the world of you.

    I know not all girls are like that, but from what I have seen and the few I have dated... they kind of are.

    I'm a female thinking of changing her entire life and becoming a male.

  • Thank you I decided to be a girl after getting yes I enjoy mu boyfriend now thank you.

  • I want to ne a girl
    but well the questions were too specific

  • I'm bigendered so as much as I am happy with being female, I find that sexually being male would be more convinient.

  • I'm bigendered so as much as I am happy with being female, I find that sexually being male would be more convinient.

  • some of the awnsers were irrelevent to me so try and use less specific. on the question who do you envy i dont really envy people, and also the same for some of the reasons why (the one that includes the things they do) didnt relate to any of my reasons. This is not me tearing apart your quiz but me just giving you supportive information on how to improve.

    From a boy who just wants to be a girl. ;)


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