Should you change to your opposite sex?

This is my quiz,i made this cause i want to change..i don't want to be the sex i am..i want to be the opposite,I LOVE guys and i want to have a d!ck meaning YEAH I'm a girl! ..this quiz was also made for thoes who want to be a guy or girl//opposite gender//..theres NOTHING wrong wanting to change! :)

yes yes! feel free to take this quiz and DON'T feel ashamed theres NO reasons why to..and it DON'T matter if your over or under age! :3 if you feel STRONG about your reasons why to change then GOOD for you! get your brain working and search around the web to learn more.

Created by: Krados
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how long have you thought of changing?
  2. have you thought of how others would react?
  3. you want to be a boy/girl because of?
  4. your career you want to achive is?
  5. do you want to change cause you envy a..
  6. have you gone to and look for things to help you clear your mind from doubts?
  7. you hang out with..
  8. in your family you have MORE....
  9. you want to change cause of the opposite[sex]...
  10. what well your parents,friends would react if you had the surgery?
  11. Do you REALLY and i mean REALLY want to change?

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Quiz topic: Should I change to my opposite sex?