should we date? :3

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Do you think we should date? Do you have a secret crush on me :P take this quiz and let's see if we are compatible for each other ;3 haha love you guys

I'm a single pringle and I like food a lot :P okay that was really odd I'm sorry don't read this. If you're reading this I'll give you a marshmallow :3

Created by: babeyg

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  1. hey :3 let's start off simple. are you physically attracted to me? (Pic above)
  2. how tall are you?
  3. do you like short girls?
  4. do you play video games?
  5. do you like food?
  6. what color eyes do you have?
  7. hair color?
  8. would you kiss me on the first date? x3
  9. what type of girl are you looking for?
  10. what type of music do you listen to
  11. do you have marshmallows :3
  12. okay I think that's it ^-^ lets see what you get
  13. forgot to ask....what is your gender

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