Do I have a secret crush on you? (for girls)

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Hey y'all, so do I have a secret crush on you? I'm straight, so if you're a boy the answer is no. Also, when I have a crush on someone, I generally don't show it. I'm terribly shy.

I just made this quiz for fun, but feel free to comment if you get a high (or low (or medium)) score. I love music, I love poetry. One hundred and fifty characters.

Created by: derecho

  1. First off, would you tease me?
  2. What's your favorite greeting?
  3. Would u accept me?
  4. What's your grades?
  5. Do you like music?
  6. What music do you like?
  7. Do you like jokes?
  8. Fav color
  9. Whatcha think if I have depression?
  10. Will you comment?
  11. Are you shy?
  12. Did you like the quiz?
  13. Should I have made a Harry Potter reference?
  14. Do you like poetry?
  15. Would you read my boring poems?
  16. Do you like weather?
  17. Do you like cats and dogs?
  18. Pick the one that best represents you.
  19. Ok, bye.

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