love is in the air... part 5

*READ THESE FIRST* ok, so your name is lizzie and you went to degree high. you met two boys there and your met some more in the last quizes! if you didn't take the first few, do that before you take this 1 :)

The boys: Ethan- a sweet character, charming, tall, has blue eyes and blonde hair, and obviously likes you. Josh- strong and sensitive, has black hair and dark brown eyes, is medium height and is an emo-y type. Sam- a bad boy, cunning, yet sneaky, medium height (same as josh), red hair and blue eyes. Philip- very strange! A VAMPIRE! he has brown hair with a green highlight and color-changing eyes. Matt- outgoing, smiley type of guy, long-ish sandy-blonde hair, light blue eyes, and about as tall as you. Jacob- keeps to himself, quiet, doesnt like to get involved in things that arent adventures! He has short dark dark brown hair green eyes, and is average height.

Created by: Phoebe
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  1. just- don't know what to do! 'help!' you think.
  2. meanwhile, Matt and Josh are SOOO worried about you! Jacob's just sitting in the corner, and they don't exactally know what he is doing. "Oh man! we're all gonna die if we don't find her!" says a freaked-out Josh. "We're not gonna die, Josh. we're just going to forever lose the most important piece to the puzzle. AND WHY?!" groans Matt. "because... um..." "because YOU weren't watching her like we all TOLD you to!" "so your blaming it all on me, riiight. oh, hey guys! lets all blame the teleporter!" "NO thats NOT what i said! AAA you are so FRUSTERATING at times!" and with that, Matt storms off into his room. Josh laughs. "ha, showed him didn't i, Jacob. ... Jacob?"
  3. "JACOB!" shouts Josh. now, Jacob is standing up. he is shaking strangley all over, and you can't see his pupils, so it looks like hes blind. they are rolled back into his head, gross! and when i said he was standing, well, i lied. :) he is actually hovering over the ground! he muttered a few words- "L-LIZIE I-IN C-CAVE!" then he falls down!
  4. after a minute, he is back to normal again (phew!), but panting feircly. "i-i sa-aw her, sh-shes w-with s-s-sam!" pants Jacob. "Oh god! where?! where is she?!" says Josh excitedly back to him. "i-in un-underg-grou-ound c-cave i-in tonn-nha-aming!" "tonnhaming?! but- but thats hours away- oh, wait, heh, i forgot for a second. powers, ya, right, hmm. Jacob you better lie down for a second." "i-i th-think s-so t-to." Josh picks him up easily (he's super strong, remember ;D) and goes up to Jacobs room and puts him down on his bed.
  5. "im going now. tell Matt and- ugh- Ethan where im going ok?" says Josh "o-ok" replys Jacob. and Josh is off! he can only teleport a certain distance at a time, so he has to keep stopping. when he fianlly gets there, he says, wearily, "finally! geez, that took a while. Ooh, when i get my hands on filthy little ginger-nut he's gonna be sorry he ever even TOUCHED Lizzie!!" and with that, he stormed off.
  6. back to you... you are SO scared on whats going to happen next! ewwww, theres a reeeally dirty picture in my mind now! :(~ EEEWWWW!! ok moving on... you think, hope, and PRAY that the guys are coming to find you! then, Sam walks in again and you start making out again. right at that exact moment, JOSH comes bursting into the room!!!! 'OH NO!!' you think, and wildly start trying to pull away from Sam, but your body wont let you! Josh just stands there, looking shocked, angry, and most of all, hurt. he picks up one of Sam's machines and chucks it at him! (super strooong!) "YOU COMPLETE *%$#@!" screams Josh, and then the real fight begins. you want to go and hide, but remember, your body wont let you! so you run and jump infront of Sam just as Josh started to chuck a table at him. Josh stops, and Sam chuckles. "see, Josh? she wants to stay with me >:)" says Sam in a smooth, long voice like Josh was stupid, and then you two started making out again, but this time right infront of Josh! then, there is a bright light and a figure apears, just like when Ehan and Josh were fighting before in Sams other lair.
  7. But this time, you figured out who it is. "Mat!?" you say. you could tell by his figure (which is pretty darn fit ;D) that it is him. Sam turn around fast and aparently didn't expect him. Matt lifted his hands in the air then pointed them at Sam and blasted him from his HANDS! 'woooah' you think. Matt finishes then the light disappears and Matt is gone and Sam is knocked out on the floor. you run towards him because of the pill and Josh grabs you and says "Not so fast! You're coming with me!"
  8. he teleports back to their house. "Lizzie! Lizzie! Snap out of it! Oh God, how am I gonna-" he stops. "ETHAN!" he looks around, then finds some metal and bends it around your wrist and attaches the other end to a sofa. "Sorry!" "Its ok, I understand" you say, then you watch him leave.
  9. Meanwhile... Ethan took a walk through his favorite woods to try to calm himself down. "Fine. If she likes Mr. Muscle Man better, who cares. Shes just a-" he says 'incredibly special, beautiful' "-girl. There are plenty more in the world, and I plan to meet one. Not now, of course. But one day... OH I CANT FAKE IT! I'll NEVER forget her. (sigh)" he walked around there for hours upon end, thinking about the guys, and mostly you. He was sitting in this tree when he saw Josh coming, trying to find him. Ethan climbed down the tree and turned into a rabbit (remember he can change into certain animals) and sat behind a tree. Josh was getting closer, and he could tell that an animal is Ethan because he would always have something different about him. Like for the rabbit, one ear is shorter than the other. As Josh aproaches, he spots Ethan, and starts to run after him.
  10. Ethan runs away, still in his rabbit form, but Josh knows where Ethan is going. He teleports there and catches Ethan. "Let GO of me you creep!" shouts Ethan, who turned back into a person. Josh lifts him on to his shoulder, and starts to walk back. "Nope!" he says, smiling. "Lizzie's in trouble. You HAVE to help!" "Well, why didn't you say that?! Now let GO of me!" "fine!" and Josh puts him down. Right after, Ethan turns into a buck and sprints to the house. "Show off" says Josh under his breath.
  11. Ethan sprinted to the house, and when he got there, he was still in his buck form, and you had a confused look on your face, because you didn't know it was him! He saw you and turned back into Ethan, and then you just looked surprised! "I told you i'd show you that power!" he says. "Oh, Ethan, I'm so sorry for before-" "Your forgiven. Now what happened? and why are you tied to the couch?" "OK, first this man stole me and took me to this cave and then Sam gave me this pill and now I love him with my body not my heart, so he says, and then Josh came to rescue me and then we teleported here and he went to find you so he tied me up to the sofa so I wouldn't run away to find Sam!" you say all in one breathes. (wow!) "Woah" says ethan smiling, "what a mouthful!"
  12. Then, Josh comes in, so Ethan has him undo the piece of metal and carry you to that dark downstairs room that you were going to go in! what could be in there?!
  14. come back for part 6?
  15. Please comment and rate and give me suggestions on what I could do in part 6!
  16. and I'm SOO SORRY about the long paragraphs!
  17. bye!

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