Seven super girls is the largest all girl collab channel on the saks on YouTube there are 7 girls on each channel that have on day every week to post a video on YouTube for the theme.

Are you a genius on sevensupergirls do you wonder well stop wondering because now you can see for your self with just a few simple Questions about Kaelyn who is so seven super girls

Created by: Lara

  1. How old is Kaelyn?
  2. What was Kaelyns Two dogs names?( girls)
  3. What is Kaelyns Brothers name?
  4. Where does Kaelyn live?
  5. What channels was she on before? (3)
  6. Which of the following is Kaelyns fishes breed
  7. In Kaelyns room tour where were her shirts kept?
  8. Are you injoying this quiz
  9. What are Kaelyns Two fav colors
  10. Who are the person before Kaelyn and after her?

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