Seven Minutes In Heaven. (Dirty Part Two)

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This is seven minutes in heaven, a popular party game. This is Seven Minutes in Heaven Dirty part two. I made a part one and it got 2nd place on Today's Top Moves so help me get number 1!

Rate and comment please and help me get more then five hundred people to take this quiz and visit my other quizes please thank you so much people that are reading this!

Created by: awesomedude7806

  1. You come to the party!SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!
  2. Pick a number!
  3. The rest won't count so you can skip them.
  4. So...
  5. Rate and Comment!
  7. You ready?
  8. Hi.
  9. This is nasty and dirty!
  10. You open the closet door and walk in. Your best friend says, "Good Luck!" and he smiles.

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