7 Minutes In Heaven Roleplay

If you're a teen who goes to public school, chances are you'll be invited to a game of 7 Minutes In Heaven sometime. This game can be either fun or awkward, depending on what you do in that closet.

What would happen if YOU played 7 Minutes In Heaven? Would you end up making out or fighting? Awkward or blushing? What else would happen? It's time to find out! Have fun!

Created by: LumaDove

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  1. You're at a party and everyone decides to play 7 minutes. What's your reaction?
  2. You're picked with... your crush!
  3. So the outgoing host locks you two in the closet and it's pitch black except for the light coming from under the door.
  4. He playfully nudges you.
  5. He tells a joke that is awkward and unfunny, but he's trying to make you laugh.
  6. Now it's your turn to make a move.
  7. He sits down and starts chatting with you. You take this opportunity to...
  8. You realize your time is ticking, and you...
  9. Ok, 7 minutes are done! But you have to answer a few more questions that do affect your score a little before you see what happened! (This one does not affect your score)
  10. What were you doing before the game?
  11. If YOU were the host and opened the door and the two were making out, what would you say or do?
  12. So was this fun? (Doesn't affect your score)

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